What is a Claddagh Ring?

A crowned heart clasped by two hands in an embrace – this is the enduring symbol of Irish love, friendship, and loyalty represented by a traditional Claddagh ring. Look below for big discounts on brand new Claddagh rings!

The irish claddagh ring is famous in certain parts of the world but is unheard of in other places. Before launching the best buying guide for Claddagh rings, it is important to inform buyers what the Claddagh ring is! The Claddagh ring is of Irish origin. It was traditionally given as a symbolic gesture to honor friendship, love, and loyalty. There are gold Claddagh ring, Claddagh ring silver, rose gold Claddagh ring, and diamond Claddagh ring to choose from.

The Design of Claddagh Ring

The claddagh ring silver has a unique design. It shows two hands holding a heart. There is also a crown (most often) in this design. The Claddagh ring without the crown is called a Fenian Claddagh ring, but more of this later in the guide. The hands represent friendship or comradery, the heart symbolizes marriage or love, and the crown is the symbol of loyalty. This ring is said to have originated from the fishing village of Claddagh in Galway. The versatility of this ring has made it a popular gift to express enduring love, friendship, or sincerity. There are some who wear the Claddagh ring as a fond memento of their trip to Ireland and the Irish flaunt this ring as a reminder of their proud heritage.

History and Legend of Claddagh Rng

There are many legends attached to the claddagh ring but the oldest one is the most romantic. Long ago, there was a small fishing hamlet called Claddagh. The story revolves around a man, Richard Joyce, who was a silversmith. He came from Galway but he decided to travel to West Indies in 1675. On the way, he was captured and sold as a slave to a goldsmith. He was a captive for 14 long years when he learned the craft from his master. When he was released, he returned to Galway and gave his true love the Claddagh Ring that he had specially crafted for her. The heart symbolized his love, crown depicted his loyalty, and the hands denoted their sincere friendship!

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring Perfectly

Did you know that Claddagh rings are articulate? The way you wear your Claddagh ring can tell a lot about you to the casual onlooker! It is not like any other ring to slide on your finger. The hand you wear it on and the direction of the ring-face are meaningful. There is a specific way the ring must be worn depending on your marital status or the status of engagement of your heart!

Left hand: If a Claddagh ring is on your left hand ring finger with the heart pointing towards you, it means you are married. If the ring has its heart pointed outward, it means you are engaged to be married. Right hand: If the Claddagh ring is worn on the right hand with the heart pointing towards you it means you are in a relationship. If the heart points outwards, then you are single.