Top Premium Dog Foods

Searching for the best natural dog food brand? Natural dog foods that cut out fillers and chemical additives are easier to digest and better for a canine’s long-term health. And as the demand for these products has increased, dog food makers have responded with new products at more affordable prices.

Whether you’re seeking to avoid additives like BHA and propylene glycol or allergens such as corn and wheat, there are options available if you are willing to do a little research, spend time driving to a specialty pet store and pay more than a few pennies. However, when considering the welfare of your best four-legged buddy, it’s not much of a sacrifice.

Orijen tops the list of premium natural dog food. It features an 80% protein mix with the balance of the dry food constructed out of fruits and vegetables. It contains probiotics, as well, to help support your pet’s digestion and immune systems. Furthermore, the company claims that all its ingredients are grown in the USA and never outsourced, ensuring they produce a fresh food.

Acana sits in the number two position. Instead of offering the usual puppy, adult and elder formulas, this company formulates their varieties with the intention of helping your canine switch to a diet heavy in protein from their grain-rich mass marketed grub. They are very upfront about their ingredient lists and keep them easy to read. No chemicals or additives can be found among the list.

Earthborn Holistic earns the number three spot. They feature the same kind of ingredient list as the other top brands, designed to support a healthy immune system, digestive tract and support mental and physical health for a long life. However, the company also actively supports other green movements such as recycling, reforestation and responsible stewardship of our planet.