Top Online Accounting Degree Programs

An accounting degree online is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to start a career in the lucrative field of accounting.

Requiring the processing and communication of financial information, accountants have one of the most important jobs in any business. But that’s not all. With several branches of accounting available, there are numerous opportunities afforded to any accountant. Financial accounting, management accounting, auditing and tax accounting are just some of the available branches of accounting available to work in. With an online accounting degree, you’ll be able to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to make a career as an accountant.

In choosing an online accounting degree program you’ll be earning your degree in the most convenient way possible. Online education allows for greater flexibility, which means you’ll be able to better balance work and school, especially if you work full time. But this is not to say that it is any less work than a degree at a college or university. You’ll still need to put in plenty of study time, and make up for the fact that you may not be receiving regular instruction from a professor. Nevertheless, it does eliminate the need to commute to and from a college campus, and it may also involve less interaction with students which may also be a plus for many students. The top 3 online accounting degree programs include Capella University, the University of Alabama and Washington State University.

Capella University is one of the best schools for accounting and allows students to save thousands in tuition. Its FlexPath program offers the most flexibility with tuition paid for 12 weeks of instruction, allowing you to complete as many or as few courses as you would like in that period of time. The graduate-level CPA Pathway program ensures that students will be well prepared to compete the Wiley CPAexcel examination. Capella is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs or the ACBSP, ensuring the best possible education.

The University of Alabama in Birmingham offers accredited bachelor’s and master’s programs for students, and regularly awards scholarships to students, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. While they do offer excellent on-campus instruction, their online program is just as excellent. Instruction is entirely online, requiring no campus visits, making it the perfect university to join, even if students are out of state.

Washington State University also offers accounting degrees online at the Carson College of Business. Accounting majors make up the largest program at the WSU College of Business. Instruction focuses on the fundamentals of accounting, as well as typical accounting practices. Students who complete the bachelor’s program may move on to the master’s program, which will qualify them to take the Certified Public Accountant examination. WSU features award-winning instruction from qualified teachers and the school has been continuously praised for preparing students for the CPA examination. To enroll in upper level accounting courses, students must be a certified business major and acceptance into the program will be determined by academic performance.

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