Top Healthy Cat Food Brands

Buying cat food that is nutritious for cats is every bit as important as the food you buy for yourself. There are a lot of unhealthy foods out there, however, so sorting out the junk from the healthy options can be a bit tricky.

When it comes to buying cat food, picking out a food to satisfy your cat’s nutritional needs must also be balanced with affordable prices and a taste your cat will love. Paying attention to the nutrition label on the food you buy is a great place to start. The most healthy cat foods will not only contain all-natural ingredients, but will contain minimal additives, byproducts and grains, and will have a minimum crude protein content of at least 25 to 30 percent for adult cats and 30 percent for kittens. If you’re looking for the top healthy cat food brands, read on to learn about the three brands that offer the best combination of price, nutrition and taste – Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Variety and Wellness.

Blue Buffalo prides itself on making the most healthy food options possible for your cat, and can be purchased online or at most local pet stores. Blue Buffalo offers a number of different options based on your preferences and the age, lifestyle and overall health of your cat. The Healthy Growth, Living or Aging options typically come in Chicken and Brown Rice formulas, but there are also salmon and turkey options available. The Blue Freedom options are completely grain-free, as well as the Blue Basics food, which contains limited ingredients: most of which are chicken, duck or fish, along with vegetables like potatoes, carrots and peas. For an even more natural cat food, the Blue Wilderness cat food provides a diet fit for a cat in the wild. No matter what option you choose, Blue Buffalo can provide you with the healthiest food possible for your cat.

Nature’s Variety Instinct is another great cat food brand that offers quality foods in a variety of options to suit your cat’s needs and preferences. Instinct is available in Raw Bites, Kibble and Original Can, and offers a number of different protein options including, chicken, pork, turkey, beef, salmon, venison, rabbit, duck and lamb to satisfy the palate of even the pickiest cats. All of Nature’s Variety Instinct food is grain-free, providing a well-balanced diet appropriate for your cat’s health. If your cat has weight issues, there’s also the Instinct Healthy Weight Kibble for Cats.

Wellness, a family owned pet food company, provides a grain-free pet food with high protein content to keep your cat healthy and active. Wellness prides itself on offering foods that contain no fillers or by-products, so you can be sure your cat is getting nothing but the best nutrition available. Wellness Core food contains healthy meats like chicken, turkey and fish, as well as salmon oil and cranberries to provide cats with antioxidants and probiotics. Wellness provides Original, Kitten and Indoor cat formulas, among other options, perfectly tailored to your cat’s needs.

Because cats can be picky, choosing the best food for your cat may involve trying different formulas and brands until you find one your cat enjoys. Many local pet stores give free samples of food or offer generous return policies for any unused or unopened food your cat didn’t like. Check with your local pet shop about getting samples of Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Variety Instinct and Wellness cat foods!