Top Auto Floor Mats & Deals

Are you constantly fighting mess and moisture on your vehicle floors? Custom floor mats and trunk liners are a great solution. They keep your vehicle floors clean and free from stains.

These floor coverings range in price from as low as $17 and can reach over $260 depending on the type of mat or liner and how customized it is. Regular floor mats and liners can be purchased from multiple retailers such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, eBay, and auto parts stores like Auto Zone. Custom floor mats and trunk liners can be purchased through retailers like XpressMats, Carid, WeatherTech, and Husky Liners, as well as through your vehicle’s manufacturer.

The best custom floor mats and trunk liners are obviously the ones that protect the best. Generally, these are washable and have raised edges. They are made of rubber, vinyl or plastic which keep liquid from soaking through. They are also easily removable. The material can simply be sprayed off with a hose for easy cleaning. The raised edges keep any liquid such as rain, melted snow, mud or spilled drinks inside the mat- not spilling over the edges onto the floor. Some of these mats are custom-made for each specific vehicle make and model. These vehicle specific mats ensure a perfect fit for that vehicle.

We have found three great brands of custom floor mats, which are Weather Tech, Husky Liners, and MAXpider. We have done some research and gathered the details about each for you. Weather Tech is a well-known brand. You have probably seen at least one advertisement for them. Weather Tech custom mats offer a 3-year limited warranty. Weather Tech liners are durable, wear-resistant, flexible, heavy, and laser fitted with raised edges. MAXpider liners also come with raised edges and a 3-year limited warranty. They include anti-skid backing and a print that helps scrape mud that its competitors and dirt off of your shoes and onto the mat instead of your floor. The Husky Liners come in at a lower price and have a lifetime-limited warranty. They are laser scanned to ensure a snug fit and have raised nibs on the back to keep them in place.

WeatherTech FloorLiners are durable, form-fitting and keep liquid away from the driver’s feet. They have coverage over the footwells of the vehicle to protect against snow, mud, and water. WeatherTech liners have a raised lip around the perimeter of the liner and the pattern on the liner pull the liquid to the back of the liner. They are made from strong material that has a rigid core that provides friction with the carpet and a nice feel on top. WeatherTech liners are found on the WeatherTech website and are custom made for each vehicle model. They range in price from $59.95 – $299.85. Amazon offers them for around the same price but has free two-day shipping with Prime.

Deals & Offers

Currently, Husky Liners is having a winter sale for 10% off all floor liners, trunk liners, and many other items including mud flaps and seat covers. They also offer free shipping and other deals if you join their mailing list. Sears has a sale of up to 50% off on select floor mats. is having a 20% off sale on floor liner brands such as Husky Liners and Maxliner. They also offer free shipping. is offering $50 off when you spend $500 and free shipping on orders of over $99. Advance Auto Parts is having a sale for 20% off of floor liners. They carry brands such as Weather Tech, Husky Liners, and Westin. These liners are designed and manufactured in the US. Husky Liners WeatherBeaters are available on Amazon. They range in price from $84.49 to $193.95 and many of them are eligible for two-day shipping with Prime. Visit these retailer websites to view their offerings.

We spend a great deal of time and money on our vehicles. Besides a home, vehicles are one of our largest investments. We should do all that we can to protect this investment. On top of regular vehicle maintenance such as tune-ups and oil changes, it is important to protect the interior. Since the floors tend to get the worst beating and the most wear and tear, investing in a good set of custom floor liners is a great step to take toward protecting them. Check out the current deals mentioned above or check in with your vehicle manufacturer to choose the floor mats that are right for your life and vehicle.