Top AntiVirus Software 2021

In today’s computer-driven world, it is important to be as safe and secure as possible. Antivirus software is mandatory, yet people spend fairly little time actually looking for the best products on the market.

The vast majority of computer owners have likely stuck with the in-house antivirus suite that came with their computer. A quality piece of antivirus software will work to prevent threats, scan downloads, isolate viruses, and eradicate problems before they begin to cause serious issues. There are many solid antivirus products on the market, yet only a couple of them provide the kind of all-in-one protection that customers demand. Keep on reading to find the best antivirus products for sale in 2021.

Cybersecurity has become increasingly important as more and more people are essentially storing their lives on their computers. Panda Security is a relative newcomer to the industry, but their antivirus suite promises to bring protection to anyone who uses it. Panda Security is based on intuitive security features that were built around Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Panda Security works to continuously monitor every single running process on a computer while categorizing them all. As soon as a potential virus is identified, the security system leaps into action. Panda Security can be downloaded free for 30 days. After the 30-day free trial, customers can upgrade to a $4.99-per-month protection plan.

Advanced virus protection is their claim to fame and TotalAV is ready to live up to their promise. TotalAV is on the higher end of the price scale with a $99.95 price tag, but it does seem to offer some of the more intense protection features. TotalAV is essentially an all-in-one computer protection program that allows users to add identity monitoring, password management, ad blocking, and even VPN protection to their system. The user interface is relatively intuitive and there are plenty of features to dig into. TotalAV also offers competent customer service and their 30-day free trial can be a great way to experiment with the platform.

Avast has been a mainstay in the antivirus world for almost a decade. Built to provide security to both mobile and desktop products, Avast covers pretty much everything that customers might need. Avast tests well in relation to virus detection and their program also handles password management and network security. Avast comes with a free but limited antivirus program for users who don’t feel the need to purchase the more expansive protection that Avast has to offer. Avast is available for PC, MAC, Android, iOS devices, and even IoT-enabled products. For users who want to upgrade to the Avast Pro Antivirus platform, a yearly license will run only $40.

Norton burst onto the scene in 1991, and they haven’t looked back since. Norton’s brand has become synonymous with virus removal and computer monitoring and their products are still at the top end of the quality range. Norton is amazing at detecting malware as well as quarantining potential viral issues. Additionally, Norton doesn’t draw much energy to run and consumers won’t find that their resources are being wasted. Norton’s antivirus platform is easy to use and keep updated and the basic program comes with a free trial. Once users are ready to upgrade, the standard edition of Norton Security will cost $39.99 per month.