Top 3 Online Razor Clubs:

You forgot to stop at Walmart for razors (again) and stand before the mirror forced to choose between looking like a Wookie or scraping that chipped, dull, nasty looking razor across your jaw for the fourth time too many. Sound familiar?

Why, under the drone-filled blue sky, would you order food, clothes, speakers, vitamins, dog food, gifts and car insurance online, but still drag yourself to the local big box (or drug) store to buy a pack of disposable razors? Online Razor/Shaving clubs offer the convenience and value you’re missing wandering those aisles. There are several razor/shaving clubs to choose from these days, but the top three to look at are Gillette Shave Club, Harry’s Truman and Dollar Shave Club. If you think a shave club might be the right choice for you, keep reading to learn what you get for your money with each of these top subscriptions!

Gillette Shave Club (now known as Gillette On Demand-) offers a subscription without contracts, and you’ll get every fourth order free. Gillette also offers free shipping on the Fusion ProShield models, quick reorders and one-time purchase options, so you can build the perfect subscription for your needs. Gillette’s Fusion ProShield razor was voted the best, closest most comfortable shave by Consumer Reports, and those who have used the Fusion ProShield love the ease of shaving in difficult spots, like under the nose. Users also love the angle of the shaving head and the handle grip. When you sign up for the Gillette Shave Club, you’ll so get shaving cream for a complete shaving kit delivered right to your door. Each five-blade cartridge runs around $5.62 when enrolled in the shave club.

Next on the list is Harry’s Truman, and these folks are serious about their blades. How serious? They bought the razor blade factory and are the only shaving club that controls sales, manufacturing and design. When you join Harry’s Truman, you can expect excellent customer service, ergonomically superior handles and a design that doesn’t trap shaving cream. Five-blade cartridges come eight per shipment, and approximate cost per cartridge is $1.88, or $15.00 per shipment. The overall shaving experience is rated ‘very good’ across the board. Harry’s comes with shaving gel, as well.

Finally, Dollar Shave Club is a great option for anyone looking to save money for a no-frills shave club and simple, but effective shaving products. Dollar Shave Club has over 1.5 million subscribers to date, and gets rave reviews from people looking for simple shaving products shipped directly to their door. Dollar Shave Club offers multiple products, so you have plenty of choices. Their Humble Twin (two blade cartridge) at five cartridges per package sells at $0.60/cartridge. That’s just $3 per package! Their Executive (six blade cartridge) with four cartridges per package sells for $9.00 ($2.25/cartridge). In addition, Dollar Shave Club offers free shipping, a free trial and does not require membership. All subscribers get a free razor in their first shipment, with cartridge delivered automatically thereafter. Cancel anytime, with no penalty.

So which shaving club is right for you? If you want to save money and don’t mind the lack of offered frills, the Dollar Shave Club is probably a good fit. If you need a consistently close shave and you’re okay with a slightly higher cost, Gillette may be the best way to go. If all you want is the best deal, features and price, you might want to give Harry’s a try. Regardless of who you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the convenience of having your shaving supplies delivered right to your front door!