The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Phone

The Samsung Z Flip is among the new wave of touch screen smartphones, but it just happens to be one of the best. Check out below for exclusive deals on brand new Z Flip phones!

Technically, the Galaxy Z Flip is the successor to last year’s Galaxy Fold, though the similarities are limited. While the Fold is geared toward those looking for a device with a giant display-7.3 inches when measured diagonally-the Galaxy Z Flip is designed with minimalists in mind.

It’s for those who yearn for a super-sharp, super-bright touchscreen, but long for the days when a smartphone fit in your front pocket. And the Galaxy Z Flip delivers on those desires in spades. When closed, it looks more like a square makeup compact than a phone. And it fits neatly into the front pocket of my jeans.

The outside of the phone has a pill-shaped screen about an inch wide that shows you the date, time, and battery percentage, as well as your notifications. Incoming text messages scroll across the window like a stock ticker. The hinge between the upper and lower half of the phone closes smoothly. As with the Fold, there is a bit of a gap between the device’s two sides when the unit is closed, but you can barely see it.

One of the beauties of this new form factor is that you can use the hinge to prop the Galaxy Z Flip’s camera up for selfie snapping or Google Duo video chats. As you fold the phone, it shifts into a split screen mode-a feature not available on the Razr-allowing you to set the device on a table top and, using controls that appear at the bottom of the display, set a timer and gaze into the lens for a hands-free picture. When the phone is closed, that tiny notifications screen on the front serves as a selfie viewfinder, too. Just click the power button twice to activate the feature and your image pops up in the window. Press the volume up button to snap the shot.