The Living Room – A place to relax

You buy a house, but you build a home. The living room is where family and guests can sit back and relax. Everybody has their own vision of what a happy home filled with love and relaxation looks like.

When it comes to living room decorating, modern is a word that gets tossed around a lot when defining a specific style. Most modern living rooms have an open floor plan and are connected to areas such as the kitchen or the dining room. This allows them to feel open, bright and spacious.

  1. Start with a plan
    Since your living room might host all sorts of activities, whether that’s a cocktail party or family movie night – Start by planning for real life. Try to understand what ‘living’ means. “Does it mean that you have media? Is it a place where you’re only on your laptops? How many places do you need to seat people?

    Develop a layout and furniture plan that takes the your lifestyle into account. This includes having a T.V., Go for it! It’s a reality of life. From flat screens to projectors, television design has come a long way.
  1. Invest in the couch
    Once functionality is figured out, the first piece of furniture that is the sofa. It’s important to find a piece that’s going to stand the test of time and be a quality piece. Take your time with the purchase and think through a number of factors. The most important criteria will be your budget, with an entry-level range starting from $1,500 to $2,500.

    Lifestyle is also a consideration, as it will determine how much use the piece will receive, and in turn, the best color family and fabric. For instance, something like white mohair wouldn’t work well with sticky children’s hands and muddy paws from pets.

    When choosing the fabric, Consider the “rub” number, which provides a clue to durability. Finally, choose aesthetic preference, such as classic or modern, alsways do “sit tests” to gauge comfort.
  2. Add personality
    Accessories are more than just trinkets or clutter. They are an opportunity to tell a story about the personality and life of the homeowner. By weaving these pieces into the overall design, the space will truly feel like your home.

    Whether your pieces are gifts from loved ones or reminders of the places that you’ve been, They’re really an expression of us. That’s what your home should be: is all these expressions of you and who you love.