The Best Tommy Bahama Clothing

Tommy Bahama has been a staple brand that’s represented comfortability and relaxation for years. Look below for the best deals on brand new Tommy Bahama’s clothing.

Inspired by the unhurried attitude and relaxed sophistication of island living, Tommy Bahama started with print silk shirts and tailored pants. The brand progressed with legendary momentum, offering complete lines of luxurious apparel and accessories, including Tommy Bahama shorts, jeans, pants, swim trunks and shirts.

The clothing is easy-going and laid back, and the quality details raise the bar in casual wear. Tommy Bahama has a knack for transporting people to a life in paradise, where every day is a new adventure.

Considering it’s named for an exotic travel destination, it makes perfect sense that the Hawaiian Shirt come packed with plenty of it’s own baggage. Throughout the years it has been regarded as both ridiculous and sublime, counter culture and clowninsh couture…emblematic of the ultimate in cool and the “ugly” American.

In fact, I was working in late night television and was asked to curate list of Hawaiian shirt sources for the host. (I’d tell you what show and host, but I have a Top Ten list of reasons I feel discretion is the better part of valor.) So, like some of you with Japanese looms or vintage Red Wings or M-51 field jacket replicas, I know more about Hawaiian shirts that should be considered reasonable, and offer the following primer. Mahalo, and feel free to thank me later in Mai Tais.

The Hawaiian shirt has been making a more aggressive comeback in the last year or so, sneaking into our world thanks to makers like the folks at Levi’s Vintage Clothing. Of course, major department stores sell brightly printed short sleeve shirts every year, but those should likely be avoided, especially those made by one Mr. Tommy Bahama. He does not make Hawaiian shirts, but the short-sleeved, cigar and guitar printed equivalent of a PT Cruiser-undoubtedly Satan’s automobile. And there really is no need–lots of companies making beautiful reproductions of old Hawaiian shirt designs, as well as fresh takes that allow you to look unstuffy but not Fluffy.