The Best Laptop Cooling Pads of 2020

Using a laptop cooling pad doesn’t just keep things cool, it can help your computer’s internal hardware last twice as long. Look right below for the best deals on top-tier laptop cooling pads!

Kootek Chill Mat 5

This Kootek pad is designed for laptops anywhere from 12 to 17 inches, and it can handle just about anything. As you can see by the LED lights, it uses a set of five fans to supply cooling air circulation–the number of fans isn’t always indicative of cooling power, but it is usually a sign of a cooling pad that can handle some heat. You can switch between modes that activate only one fan, four fans, or all five if you please. There’s also a dual USB hub for connecting additional devices if you please. We particular fans of the two pull-up barriers in the front, which will keep your laptop from sliding off, no matter which of the six different height options you end up choosing.

Cooler Master NotePal X3

This version of the Cooler Master pad is designed specifically for gaming. It has a little more weight for extra support of larger gaming laptops, and one large 200mm fan to push out a steady stream of air fast – plus, of course, those blue LED lights for showing off a little. While the price is a bit higher on this model, it’s also more durable than many cooling pads. Considering that laptop cooling pads are somewhat notorious for breaking down sooner than people would like, the extra expense for extra durability may be well worth it for more active users. Notably, there’s a front vent, so your hands get a breath of fresh air too, which is all the better for staying cool and dry under pressure. It also comes with two height settings for propping up laptops and a fan speed controller, but no extra USB port. The pad is made to fit laptops up to 17 inches.

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

This stylish Tree New Bee pad has an interesting shape, but it’s the low weight and quad fans of this cooling pad that impress us. There are also handy features such as a built-in dual USB hub, a switch to control fan speed, and adjustable “anti-skid” flip-up arms to get the angle right. That being said, several users have pointed out that the lightweight nature of the pad makes it difficult to support a full 17-inch laptop with the legs up, which means heavier laptops may be condemned to the flat position on this pad. The shape, while interesting, may also make it a little more difficult to store in your laptop case, so make sure to measure before buying.

Havit HV – F2056

This Havit pad is a bit simpler than some of our other top picks. It only has three fans, for example – but that underlines the minimalistic, slimmed-down design that makes this model especially portable. It’s particularly easy to slide into a bag or store next to your laptop, even in a tight case. The stand options are a little limited, but you do have two heights to choose between, along with an extra USB port. If you don’t mind settling for a few fewer fans, this more affordable model may be just what you had in mind. The stand fits laptops between 15.6 and 17-inches, but again be wary of using especially heavy laptops.