The Best Home Theater Systems

Nothing brings a family together like a great movie, TV show, or playoff game in a cozy home theater. Look right below for the best deals on brand new home theater systems!

The TV

If you don’t already have a TV to build your home theater around, you’ll need one. If you do already have a TV and it’s not a 4K HDR TV, consider getting a new one because they are extraordinary. Plus, given all the connectivity options built-in, you’ll be set for the future. Today’s new smart TVs are way easier to connect to everything else, whether components, streaming audio, or video, thanks to Wi-Fi built-in, Bluetooth, and so on.

Your Room

Some home theater systems have big speakers, some have small. (Technically, bigger is better when it comes to audio quality, but certain brands offer small and medium-sized speakers that kick serious derrière in spite of their size.) The point: Given your room’s size, design, and style preferences, think about what size speakers you want from a decor perspective, which will also drive your receiver selection. (P.S. Some bigger speakers are seriously attractive, some speakers are very discreet, and some are made to be hidden in walls and ceilings.)

Streaming Devices

An awesome side benefit of getting a home theater? The right home theater receiver can double as a multi-talented hub for streaming just about anything – audio from your computer, phone, or tablet… and from online apps like TIDAL and Spotify. What’s more, if you have wireless speakers in the house, your home theater receiver can tap into those as well, so you can play your music all around the house.

Ease of Set Up

If “easy” is your most important choosing criterion, with respect to setting up, go with a home-theater-in-a-box. The upside: a home-theater-in-a-box is a no-brainer – everything’s included and easy to put together. The downside: a home-theater-in-a-box is a little like a TV dinner: it’s all there – turkey, potatoes, gravy, and green beans – zap 5 minutes, and dinner is ready. But if you have the time, nothing beats carefully planned and well-prepared home cooking. (Translation: go with separate components if you can.)

Home Theater Speakers

When it comes to audio, it makes sense to choose your speakers first, because your speaker choice helps determine your receiver choice. Big speakers need big power, little speakers need less power, that sort of thing. Also, more speakers means you’ll need more channels on your receiver. And for the most immersive sound possible, you may want to consider adding the latest in home theater technology: Dolby Atmos.