The Best Body Wash for Men

Men’s shower gels can smell better, get you cleaner, and keep your skin so much less dry than a standard bar of soap. Look below for the best deals on brand new men’s shower gels,

To find your best body wash, you need to know what various types there are. Their main difference is in the ingredients they contain. Ultimately, all of them fall into two main categories – non-organic, such as Cremo body wash, and organic body wash, such as TheraTree Soap. Besides, there is a difference in the effect the body wash has on your skin. Gel wash works best for the guys suffering from eczema. Moisturizing wash is perfect for dry skin. And, finally, the men who have cracked, rough or dry skin will find exfoliating wash highly beneficial.

Know Your Skin Type

Even the best moisturizing body wash may not work for you if it doesn’t suit your skin type. Thus, it’s vital to know which category your skin falls under. If your skin reacts to some skincare products, including body wash, you have a sensitive type. When choosing a body wash, look to only natural ingredients. Dry skin doesn’t absorb any moisturizing skincare or alike. So, the best body wash for dry skin will open up your pores and let the products in. Finally, there’s acne-prone skin, which requires special skincare products, hence read the label carefully.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Best Body Wash For Men

Although it may seem obvious how to use a mens body wash, some guys really do it wrong. So that most of the product won’t go down the dumper, stick to our quick guide: Pour a blob of product in your hand. Rub the product between your clenched hands until the lather pops out. Apply the body wash using a loofah, washcloth or sponge. That easy.

Is Bar Soap Better Than Body Wash?

While in the past, bar soaps may have had a pH level 9 or even 10, many brands now produce a milder bar soap, the pH level of which is close to your skin’s, namely 5-6. Thus, it is not as harsh on your skin as it used to be. Although there is a common belief that bar soap can make your skin dry, many modern companies take care to enrich their products with moisturizing components, such as glycerin and fatty acids. A body wash, in its turn, also possesses moisturizing properties and leaves your skin soft and hydrated after the shower. Yet, bar soap can also have an antibacterial effect thanks to the content of triclosan. Thus, it all depends on your preferences and needs.