The Best Benefits of Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great alternative to weights or even a great addition to a traditional weight training program. See below for the best deals on resistance bands.

Resistance bands are inexpensive, versatile, and work your muscles in a completely different way than weights. In fact, studies show that muscles respond to strength training with resistance bands just as well as other types of equipment, such as free weights and different machines. People sometimes avoid trying resistance bands because they are unfamiliar with how to use them. Working out with bands feels different than dumbbells and other equipment because resistance if felt during both parts of the exercise.

For example, during a dumbbell curl with bands, you are working the muscles both when you bend the arm and release it. As a result, there is a constant tension on the muscle that works it in ways you may not be used to.


They increase coordination. Bands work much like a cable machine, allowing you to keep constant tension on the muscle. You’ll also incorporate more stabilizer muscles to keep the band in alignment throughout each exercise, adding a different dynamic to the same old moves.? This helps with coordination and balance and it also helps you involve more muscle groups.

You get a good workout. You can perform the same exercises you do with free weights. The difference lies in positioning the band. For example, you can stand on the band and grip the handles for bicep curls or overhead presses. You can attach it to a door and do triceps pushdowns. You can wrap the band around a pole or chair for chest exercises or shoulder rotations. You can even do exercises on the floor like these seated biceps curls. The possibilities are endless and you’ll find there are a number of exercises and workouts available to you.