The 2021 Toyota Corolla

Economy cars can be sporty, versatile, and dependable – and for proof, check out the 2021 Toyota Corolla. The Corolla has been around for decades and is known for being an affordable car that’s fun to drive and smart for daily commuting.

The new Corolla comes in multiple packages, but our top 3 are as follows:

Our first favorite package was the basic L package at $19,825. While this trim isn’t the most luxurious of the bunch – in fact, it’s the most basic trim package available – that’s why we picked it as our favorite. At its core, the Corolla is meant to be an affordable car that’s comfortable and fun to drive, and that’s reflected by the L trim package.

Next on our list is the SE package at $22,270. This is where the Corolla starts getting a bit sportier. With this package, drivers get a bigger engine, sporty front seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel and alloy wheels. For very little money, it is a great upgrade from the base model.

And our third-favorite package is the XSE Package at $23,415. This is the top of the line package, and has every feature. From the more powerful engine and alloy wheels on the outside, to all the modern luxuries you would expect inside. This is the ultimate Corolla.

If you want an economy car that’s stylish and dependable, then the 2021 Toyota Corolla with any of the above trim packages might be what you’re looking for.

Current Offers & Incentives

If you are looking to get a Corolla now is the time. Customers can currently get $2,000 Customer Cash on any new 2021 Toyota Corolla with up to $300 complementary first months car payment. If you are looking to finance you can expect to get a 0.9% APR for 60 months on all trim models. For those looking to lease you can currently get into a Corolla for $179 per month for 36 months with $1,899 due at signing or if you want to do $0 at signing you can expect to pay $234 per month for 36 months.