Staying Clean with the Bissell Crosswave

Bissell Crosswave is manufactured using super novel technology and assured you cleaner floors than you ever had. Look below for the best deals on the Bissell Crosswave.

It is specified in the Bissell Crosswave’s official website that this tool is specially designed to clean sealed floors such as hardwood, tile etc., and area rugs. using thsi tool on other types of material may prove Bissell Crosswave as dysfunctional and it is only fair that it should be so as this is especially recommended for sealed surfaces and area rugs.

If you are worried about the weight, thinking that this type of equipment will be too heavy to handle alone – don’t be alarmed. Bissell Crosswave weighs only 11 pounds, which is close to 5 kilograms and not at all a big deal.

The power consumption is pretty high compared to other household electronic devices, but this is the power range of cleaning products like the Bissell Crosswave. This device uses 4.4 amperes of power and has a 25-foot-long cord to connect the device to the power supply. The long cord comes in handy if your house doesn’t have power outlets all over the place.

The tank water can hold up about 28 ounces of clean water and 14.05 ounces of dirty water separately, thanks to the dual tank technology. In addition, Bissell Crosswave offers a spring breeze scented Multi-Surface cleaning formula which leaves your house smelling fresh and clean. If the liquid runs out, there is no barrier stopping you from using your own liquid to clean the surfaces.

The brush contains microfibers and nylon bristles, which, when combined, delivers unbelievable results and cleans any stain or grime right off the surface. The gentle scrub together with the powerful formula and the strong suction of the vacuum will make sure your floors shine like it is brand new. You can also read the guide about the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors. The benefit of floors like that is great as it keeps out bacteria and keeps everyone at home healthy and happy.