Silicone Wedding Ring Deals

Silicone wedding rings are a great alternative to wearing your traditional wedding band on the job or at the gym where there is always a risk of losing it or damaging it. See below for the best deals on silicone wedding rings.

Sometime rings can even get caught on everyday objects or surfaces, and you could risk breaking or losing your finger entirely as the late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon almost did on his own kitchen counter. The host almost lost his finger but for sure lost the ring as it became irreparably damaged. Silicone wedding rings are a practical, comfortable and safe option for when you don’t want to lose your ring or your finger. And many of them are surprisingly attractive too. Read on to learn more about silicone wedding rings and where to buy them.

As mentioned, they are a variety of benefits to wearing a silicone wedding ring, especially if you live an active lifestyle. You might take off your ring before going to the gym or going into the pool if you are concerned about it falling off, but with a silicone band, you can let everyone at the gym know you are taken without worrying about losing your expensive diamond ring. If you love camping, snowboarding, or surfing – these are all situations where you can damage or lose your ring. If you work with your hands, as a construction worker, a mechanic, or a military person, you’ll face a situation everyday where you might damage your ring or lose a finger because of a metal ring. And because silicone rings are heat resistant and non-conductive, they are also an excellent option for firefighters and cooks. Medical professionals are also using silicone wedding rings because they are secure and made of medical grade silicone. They are also thin and light, so they fit easily over a glove. Best of all, silicone rings stretch so they don’t get to uncomfortable when your hands swell in the winter.

There are plenty of places where you can buy silicone wedding rings but one of the most prominent retailers is Enso. At Enso, you’ll find attractive, elegant wedding rings that look just like real metal from afar. Starting at $39.99, you can buy a copper, gold, silver, platinum or rose gold colored ring with a 1.75mm thickness. On top of this, you can find fun colors like black, meteorite and peacock quartz to suit your personality. Thinner ring designs are available for $29.99 while lightweight designs are $19.99. Bevel and Infinity rings are as low as $24.99. Dual-toned rings are available for as low as $14.99 such as White/Obsidian. Buy stackable rings for just $5.99 each for a limited time. But these are just some of the options in only some of the colors available. You can find select rings at half-off like the Bevel Sunlight ring for $12.49. Customize your ring for as low as $10. Signup for their email list and get 10% off your order at Enso.

Of course, Enso isn’t the only place to buy silicone wedding rings. Groove Life silicone wedding rings available at Amazon are available for as low as $29.95 for men and $25.72 for women. These rings come with a lifetime warranty that protects against cuts, stretches, breakage, and even loss. Groove Life will replace it with no questions asked. Qalo rings available on the Qalo website, offer comparable prices to Enso but offer more unique patterns and designs such as the Unisex Modern Tie-Dye Silicone Ring for $24.95 or the Women’s Scallop Silicone Ring for $29.95. But these are only a few of the options available so check them out online to find a silicone wedding ring that suits you.