How To Wear A Polo Shirt Properly

Perfect for the preppy gentleman, polo shirts are a common sight on golf courses, tennis courts, beaches and around town for leisurely strolls through the shops and an al fresco meal at a quaint bistro. Look below for the best deals on brand new polo shirts from your favorite brands!

DON’T Layer Polo Shirts

A properly fitted polo shirt should skim but not hug your frame, so there shouldn’t be room for another shirt. Wearing an undershirt almost guarantees it will slip from under your sleeve or crumple at the collar. Polo shirts aren’t made for layering, and undershirts (long or short sleeved) should never be worn with a polo shirt. Furthermore, don’t layer more than one polo shirt at a time; this inexplicable trend is a cry for attention rather than a real fashion statement.

DO Wear Them Fitted But NOT Tight

If you can’t stick a finger between your bicep and your sleeve, get a bigger size. If there’s a lot of slack, get a smaller size. Good quality polo shirts are made from light materials like cotton. Therefore, they should drape nicely over your body without showing too much of your body.

DO Size Them To Your Height

Unless you have a penchant for wearing dresses, make sure the tail of an untucked polo shirt doesn’t extend further than midway down your bum. Not only will it crumple and show when tucked in, but it will throw off your proportions if left untucked. Also, avoid tennis tails (a longer back hem) if you plan to wear your polo shirt untucked.

DON’T Pop Your Collar

That trend of popping your collar is over, and it’s not coming back. Opt for sunscreen for neck protection and you won’t have to pop it in the first place. Popping your collar is kind of like wearing sunglasses at night. Leave it for the bar crowd and teenagers trying to look cool.

DON’T Wear Polo Shirts With A Blazer

Some men think they look smart sporting a polo shirt with a blazer, even though the soft collar doesn’t lay flat. No matter what situation you are in, a blazer will always look better with a dress shirt. Therefore, skip the polo and go right to the dress shirt.