How to Choose the Right Espresso Machine

If you love coffee but love saving money, it’s financially and conveniently worthwhile to get a new espresso machine. Look right below to find epic deals on brand new espresso machines.

So, you’re interested in obtaining a real espresso machine so you can brew authentic espresso, cappuccino and latte right in your own kitchen. This is certainly a great idea if you love good coffee, and with some guidance you should be able to choose the best espresso machine to meet your individual needs, desires and budget. With a good machine, some quality espresso coffee, a little practice and some patience, you can soon be filling your cup with pure delight that rivals (or exceeds!) drinks from the finest cafes. And, the beauty of owning and mastering your own espresso machine is that you can brew anytime you want, the way you like it, and at a fraction of the cost/cup versus going out to a restaurant or cafe. Most of the espresso machines we carry also include a steam wand to froth milk so you can prepare cappuccino and latte drinks as well.

Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

Super-automatic espresso makers are sophisticated machines that go from bean to cup at the touch of a button. They utilize a built-in coffee grinder and brewing mechanisms that automatically grind the coffee, fill and tamp the filter basket, brew a pre-determined volume of espresso then dump the used coffee grounds into an internal waste container. Each cycle typically takes a couple of minutes to complete; at which time it can easily be repeated to brew another shot. These machines can also froth milk for preparing cappuccino or latte using either a steam wand or automatic milk frothing system depending on the model.

Manual Lever Espresso Machines

Manual espresso machines offer old world style and craftsmanship with the capability to brew exquisite espresso; however, they do require the highest degree of skill to master and are only recommended for the hands-on espresso purist who is willing to invest some time and experiment. Pulling a perfect espresso shot from a lever espresso machine is a truly rewarding experience. You actually become part of the brewing process; with practice and determination eventually mastering your technique similar to learning a musical instrument.

Capsule Espresso Machines

Capsule espresso machines are the ultimate in convenience and ideally suited for offices, restaurants and other food service operations as well as in the home. Simply insert a capsule which is pre-filled with ground coffee into the machine and press a button to produce a rich, thick authentic espresso. Most of the capsule espresso machines we carry are also equipped with a steam wand or automatic milk frothing system for preparing cappuccino and latte drinks, but please check the model as a few are designed to brew espresso only.