Getting the Best Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a longstanding American tradition dating back to the 19th century. Look below for the biggest discounts on brand new cowboy boots for men!


If you already know how to wear cowboy boots, then you know that the entire shoe functions as one piece. There aren’t usually laces or straps. This means if there’s a single tear or bend, the entire shoe loses value and purpose.

Leather Quality

This is almost the entirety of the boot, so make sure it’s good quality. It’s easy to spot poor quality leather. For starters, good leather smells like leather while poor quality leather smells like plastic and chemicals. If something says “genuine leather” or “original leather”, it does not necessarily mean the leather is good quality. Good leather will always come with great stitching and is smooth to the touch. Blotchy patches in leather also signify poor leather construction.

Heel & Sole

The bottom of the shoe is doing most of the battle against the ground. You need a thick sole. Cheaper boots will use rubber or synthetic soles, whereas nice boots will use a more dense leather sole as well. Depending on what you need the shoe for, keep in mind that the angle and size of the heel can vary drastically. Anything higher than 2 inches (which is already quite long) is a joke.


Leather cowboy boots don’t size the same. The general rule of thumb is to buy a size larger to give yourself room, but nowadays this isn’t always true. Check reviews and try some boots on in your local store. Some have tried to over correct this problem and created a new era of too tight boots. Make sure you are look into wide size adjustments as well. Your boots will be lasting you a while so make sure you get them sized well.