Getting the Best Baby Changing Table

A baby changing table help keep your baby safe and yourself organized for the thousands of hours of diaper duty. See below for the best deals on new baby changing tables!

Assess the Safety Strap

The changing table you’re considering should have a pad that affixes to the table with a safety strap. Changing pads are also sold separately, but use a pad in a size the changing table manufacturer recommends.

Consider Storage

Many changing tables have open shelves that make it easy to reach diapers and clothing, either stacked in plain sight or arranged in decorative wicker baskets, but some have drawers or a combination of drawers and shelves. Having at least one drawer, preferably right under the table, can help you quickly retrieve the supplies you need, though some parents prefer the easy accessibility of open shelving. A drawer offers an advantage over open shelving because it can hide diaper supplies that can be tempting to the curious toddler your baby will become in less time than you think.

Look for Barriers on Four Sides

A traditional changing table is usually surrounded by a restraining barrier made of rails or wood sides. According to the latest JPMA/ASTM safety standards, changing tables with a flat changing surface must have a barrier on all sides of the changing surface. If there are only two or three sides of protection instead of four, don’t buy it. Changing tables with a contoured changing surface need only have barriers on two opposing sides to comply with the latest safety standards. Still, keep a hand on your baby at all times when he’s being changed for added security and always use the changing table or pad’s safety straps.

Check Table Height by Bending Over the Table in the Store

Changing tables vary in height. Some are as low as 36 inches; others as high as 43 inches. Anti-tip devices (or furniture straps) are a good idea for all. To prevent back pain, you’ll want a changing table or dresser that’s in proportion to your height. If you’re tall, go with a taller table or dresser and secure it to the wall with an anti-tip device to reduce the risk of tipping. If you’re short, aim lower.