Get Great Motorcycle Helmets

Helmets are a simple thing: they protect your head from the elements and, as will happen from time to time, asphalt too. Look right below for great deals and discounts on motorcycle helmets.

Motorcycle Helmet 101

The first thing to buy when you’re planning on riding a motorcycle for the first time is your helmet. At least, that’s what you do if you’re smart. A helmet will do more than protect your noggin. It will also protect you from wind, rain, snow, road debris, and noise pollution; prevent you from getting ear aches; heck, modern helmets can even stream music and GPS navigation. At their most basic, a helmet is essential three components: a hard outer layer, a soft inner layer, and some kind of mechanism to keep the whole thing strapped to your head. Most modern helmets made today provide superior protection compared to helmets from 10+ years ago.

What to Look for When Shopping Helmets

We recommend that all riders, whether you are just starting out or have been riding for years, place safety at the top of their list when looking at new helmets. Of course, there’s a lot of other important elements to consider, too: fit, comfort, price, and the type of helmet are almost important. We’re operating on the assumption that you’re relatively new to motorcycles and riding gear.


While price shouldn’t be the primary factor that dictates your helmet purchase, it’s rare that we are afforded the luxury of shopping unrestricted by budget. The price of a helmet is influenced by several things, such a the materials used, technology integrated, certifications, and brand. There are some other intangibles as well; Arai helmets, for example, are all handmade and their slight premium over comparable helmets reflects that.

If you’re just getting into riding, spending $300 on a helmet is completely appropriate. $300 gets you a great helmet at a price that shouldn’t cause anxiety if you accidentally drop it. Where the sticker can really climb is when you get into helmets designed for racing or other specialized applications. A racing helmet made of carbon fiber, while being much lighter than a traditional helmet, will have a price tag to match the exotic materials used.