Finding the Perfect Truck Bed Cover

Truck covers provide you with a much safer and more secure way to transport your cargo as well as improve fuel efficiency. Look below for the best deals on the latest truck bed covers!

Affordable and easy to install, soft folding covers are well-represented in our top selling products of 2020. All made in the USA, the number one and two sellers in this category are the American and Gator SFX Tri-Fold tonneau covers. They’re very similar to one another and feature economical pricing with a lifetime warranty.

Customers who need more security than a soft cover can offer choose hard folding covers instead. These covers operate in a fashion similar to their soft equivalents but are made with materials like aluminum and fiberglass reinforced polymers, offering top-of-the-line security.

Combining a color-matched painted finish with unparalleled security and weather protection, painted tonneau covers are one of our most popular categories. UnderCover takes the number one spot with the Elite LX cover and the number three spot with the LUX SE. Ranch takes the runner-up position with the SportWrap.

A retractable tonneau cover rolls in and out of a canister that mounts at your truck’s bulkhead. Popular for their ease of use, these covers are made of durable materials like aluminum and polycarbonate plastic, sometimes with a soft vinyl or padded polymer overlay. This cover design uses a durable vinyl tarp held in place by rails that mount along the sides of your truck’s bed. As the name implies, this cover opens by rolling up toward your truck’s bulkhead where it is held in place by a securing strap, giving you full bed access when you need to haul large items.