Finding The Best Electric Air Conditioner

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, it becomes more and more important to keep yourself cool and hydrated with an effective and reliable air conditioning unit. Look right below for new deals on amazing air conditioner units!

Look for Energy Misers

New Energy Star room air conditioners come with better insulating materials and clearer instructions that help ensure you get a good seal around the unit, minimizing leaks.

Note The Noise

Models that scored Excellent or Very Good in our noise tests are so quiet that the only sound you might hear is the fan running. Air conditioners that scored Fair for noise could disturb light sleepers when set on low and are distracting to all when set on high.

Factor In The Window Location

Window air conditioners generally do a better job blowing air in one direction. That can be a problem if your window isn’t centered on the wall. To uniformly cool a room, you’ll need to direct air to its center, so check to see whether your AC needs to blow air to the right or to the left. Some have fan arms that swivel.

Which Model Is Right for You?

Some small window units cost less than $200, which makes them a tempting proposition-but only if you need to cool a very small space. If you need to cool a larger area, you’ll want to focus your search on units that better match your square footage. Almost all the window units we tested meet the latest Energy Star standards, which require them to be at least 10 percent more efficient than units without that certification. Standout models have quiet operation and convenient controls, and they work under brownout conditions.