Find Your Perfect Pair of Adidas

Adidas has established themselves on the forefront of streetwear, style, and performance to deliver an effective and modern shoe. Look below for the best online deals on Adidas shoes!

Best Cushioned Shoe: Adidas UltraBoost 20

The UltraBoost is a good-looking and very comfortable shoe for walking around town in, which sometimes means its performance credentials as a running shoe are underrated. The thick slab of Boost foam provides a bouncy and enjoyable ride, especially over long distances, and the combination of that long-lasting foam and the Continental rubber outsole makes the UltraBoost highly durable too. The latest version of the shoe hasn’t changed much from the UltraBoost 19 aside from the colourways, but the upper is a little tighter and more supportive.

Best All-Rounder: Adidas SolarBoost 19

Adidas’s range was crying out for a shoe like the SolarBoost, which is more cushioned than the racing-focused Adios and Boston trainers, but lighter and more stable than the UltraBoost. Just like the original SolarBoost, the SolarBoost 19 is suitable for all manner of training, excelling on long runs in particular thanks to the bouncy Boost foam, and is fast enough to tackle races in as well. The only real change to the original SolarBoost is that the upper features Adidas’s Tailored Fibre Placement tech, which in practice means it’s a little tighter, so if that’s not a huge draw for you then look for deals on the original shoe.

Best Under 100: Adidas SL20

The SL20 isn’t just the best Adidas shoe available for under £100 – it has a strong claim to be the best running shoe from any brand at that price. The RRP is exactly £100, in truth, but we’ve spotted it in sales for as little as £60 just weeks after its release, so you should never have to shell out three figures for this terrific shoe. The SL20 uses Adidas’s new Lightstrike foam in its midsole to offer a firm and fast ride that’s especially good for tackling 5K and 10K races, as well as for fast training. It might be a tad too firm for most runners to enjoy using it for longer races and easy running, where the Adizero Boston might be a better alternative, but the SL20 is a brilliant value pick for those who tend to stick to short and speedy runs.

Best For Marathons: Adidas Adizero Boston 8

Both the Boston and Adios shoe lines have been popular choices with PB-chasing marathon runners for many years, but we prefer the slightly-more-cushioned Boston for the full 42.2km. The Boston 8 has enough Boost cushioning for daily training as well, whereas the Adios is more of an out-and-out racer. Neither shoe matches the spring of the Nike Vaporfly and its carbon plate, but Adidas has just released its own shoe with a carbon plate in 2020, the Adizero Pro, so watch this space.