Best Food Delivery Services

Seamless is definitely a delivery service that appeals to the frugal at heart. There are no delivery fees attached to orders made on this platform and in-app discounts often apply.

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You can very well walk away from a Seamless order and delivery experience paying ten percent less than you would if you were to use another service or complete the transaction directly with the restaurant. Seamless is available in more than 600 cities in the United States and offers cuisine options that Include American, Italian, Mexican, and Asian.

Speaking of cuisine diversity, GrubHub is the best option when you want a selection of restaurants. This platform offers a search tool that lets you see all the restaurants that deliver by category. Your taste for Italian food, for instance, may be met with 30 nearby restaurants that specialize in the cuisine option. GrubHub also offers a personalized appeal to users that lets them save the restaurants they love. You can set up your deliveries for the week with the Hub’s user-friendly interface as well. Imagine yourself not worrying about what you will eat tomorrow but rather waiting patiently for your driver to deliver what you pre-ordered days in advance. GrubHub trail blazes when it comes to customer service.

One aspect of GrubHub that could use improvement is the delivery fees. It is possible for customers to pay well over $5 for delivery alone. In some cases, the delivery fees are as high as $7.49. Suddenly, using GrubHub every day becomes more of a financial burden than an ideal convenience.

DoorDash seems to pick up the ball where GrubHub fails. Although there are instances were restaurants charge $6.99 for delivery fees, the average cost of delivery on the DoorDash platform is $1.99. You save even more money when you solicit to the DoorDash Pass service, which offers free deliveries for orders over $15 in exchange for customers paying a $10 monthly subscription fee. The Dash Pass is quite beneficial to those who use the service daily. DoorDash has GrubHub beat when it comes to a subscription service. The Hub does not offer discounted rates by way of loyal customers paying a monthly fee.

GrubHub does, however, offer special discounts that include exclusive coupons as well as percentages off. There are even instances where the Hub picks up the tab for half of the customer’s meal. High delivery fees are also discounted at times. You may order from GrubHub on the right day and only pay $1 in delivery fees. Such a steep discount, of course, does not last forever.

Food delivery services in the present century are nothing like days past. These days, you can get what you want without the hassle of contacting the restaurant directly and waiting several minutes for someone to take your order. Food delivery service is more affordable than ever now days so long as you take full advantage of these great deals.