Best Family Cell Phone Plan

Having an affordable phone plan for the whole family has never been more necessary. Look below for epic discounts on family phone plans!

If you want to get the best family cell phone plan that brings talk, text and data to multiple lines, unlimited data is the way to go. And you’re not exactly hurting for options, as each of the Big Four wireless carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon – offer unlimited data plans for families. The question, then, is which unlimited data plan should families choose? That’s especially tricky, because each carrier offers multiple variations on unlimited data, with each plan offering specific perks and benefits. That means the cheapest option isn’t always the best one, as some unlimited plans for families pack in more for the money.

T-Mobile Family Plan

T-Mobile is our choice for the best family cell phone plan, thanks to its pool of unlimited data for every member of the family and its host of extras. For families, the T-Mobile Magenta plan costs $70 for the first line if you sign up for auto-pay. The second line costs $50, while subsequent lines cost $20 each. That would mean a family of four would pay $160. Note that T-Mobile offers frequent discounts on multiple lines – it’s currently waiving the $20 charge on the third line of data for all of its unlimited plans, which cuts the cost of four lines of Magenta to $140 a month. Check T-Mobile’s website before you commit to a plan to see if any discounts or deals are on offer.

Sprint Family Plan

Sprint offers three different tiers of unlimited data – Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium. Normally, we’d recommend the Unlimited Basic plan, which costs $140 for four lines of data. But a current promotion at Sprint reduces the cost of your third and fourth lines of data through July 31, 2021. That allows a family of four to pay $140 for Unlimited Plus for the next year. (That same promotion lowers the cost of Unlimited Basic to $100 a month for four lines through July 2021.) If that promotion sounds good to you, better jump on it now, as Sprint will soon be folded into T-Mobile.

Verizon Family Plan

There’s two ways to look at Verizon’s four different tiers of unlimited plans. On the plus side, Verizon’s given you the choice to tailor plans to your needs, especially since you can mix and match different plans for your family. On the negative side, it’s hard to keep all these options straight – and the fact that two have the exact same monthly price doesn’t help. Those two plans – Verizon Do More and Verizon Play More – are the best family cell phone plans from Verizon. Both plans cost $180 a month for four lines, and which plan is best depends on how you want to use your unlimited data. If you love to stream movies and music, Play More is the better option, as it includes a free Apple Music subscription and the ability to stream HD video. Do More subscribers only get six free months of Apple Music, while video streaming is restricted to 480p resolution.