Best Designer Handbags

Accessories can make even the most casual outfit look like it is heading to a grand ball. One of the easiest ways to accessorize is with a handbag. A woman’s handbag tells the world a lot about her without her having to say a word.

It can show she has a discerning taste or she’s a free-spirit. It can tell at a glance whether she feels a need to be prepared for anything or has an “I’ve got this” attitude that requires she depend on nobody else. This simple accessory holds all she feels is important enough to carry with her at any given moment. The top three designer handbags that women turn to are Kate Spade, Coach, and Michael Kors.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade handbags capture the many sides of a woman. The denim numbers boast gold studs and ruffles. They tell the world this woman is up for an adventure. She’s tough when she needs to be but has a soft, feminine air that can’t be ignored. The Hayes Street Sam collection has won the admiration of fashionistas since its beginning in 1983. It comes in four colors that can take the bag from a casual outing to work and out on the town. The interior is roomy and the signature bow and tassels give it a distinct look. The textured leather gives it lasting beauty. These are just two of the most popular styles from this brand.


Coach bags have dominated the fashion industry for years. Their popularity is due to a combination of high-quality construction, an eye for what the current “in” crowd considers popular and a willingness to join with street artists to offer designs that can’t be found anywhere. These designs speak to the soul and tell the world the carrier is a fun-loving individual who also picks and chooses only the best there is. Coach is introducing four new bags this year and everyone is excited about Dreamer. This is a bag that goes everywhere. It is created with Coach’s signature calf’s leather and canvas. It boasts tattoo-inspired designs on a black background. It features plenty of room to keep things organized and straps that can go from shoulder to elbow carrying.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors offers bags that are understated and yet they shout the carrier’s pursuit of excellence at all costs. They are made of fine-quality leather or snakeskin and most are embellished with studs in varying designs. The bags are easily converted from handbags to shoulder bags and there are even crossbody options available. The color choices rival all other designers with many bags are available in the buyer’s choice of fifteen colors. One of the most popular bags from this collection is the Whitney Large Studded Leather Convertible Shoulder Bag. This bag comes in 100 percent leather and decorated with studs that create a quilt-like effect. The strap converts from shoulder to crossbody. The interior carries the basic essentials of keys, wallet, and phone. The hardware is gunmetal-toned. Overall, this is a bag that goes from sassy to classy immediately.