Benefits Of Senior Living

Transitioning from independent living to assisted doesn’t have to be difficult nor stressful. Look below for deals on the best senior living!

One of the reasons assisted living appeals to many people is residents’ relatively high level of independence. If your parent, grandparent, or other elder is in good health and doesn’t require much assistance with everyday tasks, assisted living is a terrific option. In fact, residing in an assisted living community is similar to having a private apartment, complete with your own bathroom and kitchen – and you can rest easy knowing trained staff is on hand to help your loved one when necessary.

In addition, residents no longer have to cook for themselves, clean their homes and do their own laundry. This removes much of the burden of living in a private residence, and greatly reduces the likelihood of falls and other accidents. Meals and cleaning services are provided by staff, in addition to on-site medical care such as prescription drug services. Staff can also assist with tasks such as bathing and dressing where necessary, and provide transportation services.

Another benefit of assisted living is security. Your loved one will be safe in a secure environment with controlled access, so there is very little risk, compared to a private residence, of break-in or robbery. Seniors are often the target of financial scams. Staff can help protect your loved one from these uncomfortable, even dangerous situations.

Assisted living centers also offer social benefits: Your loved one will be in the company of his or her peers. Continuing to live in one’s own residence can become quite lonely and isolating for an elder, even if you hire a private nurse or caregiver for companionship. In an assisted living community, there is no shortage of opportunities for friendship and social interaction. Many offer regular, organized group activities, as well as wellness and exercise programs – even on-site libraries and chapels, where seniors can bond over common interests.