A Guide To Men’s Dress Shoes

Having a superb pair of dress shoes is not a luxury; it’s a necessity – especially if you want to be taken seriously in the workplace or out and about. Look below for amazing deals on brand new men’s dress shoes.

The Oxford

Oxfords, the most basic and timeless of dress shoes, are an excellent starting point. The versatile Oxford shoe can be dressed up or down for formal and daily wear. These shoes gained popularity in 1800 among college students, particularly at Oxford University. At the century’s turn, students wanted a modern low-top version of the shoe, as they deemed the half-boot style of traditional Oxonian shoes outdated. The most recognizable trait of an Oxford shoe is its “closed lacing”; this means that the shoe’s facing is attached beneath its vamp.

The Derby

The Derby shoe, also known as the Gibson or the blucher, was a sporting and hunting boot circa the 1850s. At the turn of the 20th century, they became appropriate for going out into town. Derbies are often miscategorized as Oxfords since their shapes are very similar and their differences are very subtle. The key difference between Derbys and Oxfords is that the Derby shoe has its facing attached on top of the vamp. This is called “open lacing” and allows for a wider fit. This wider, comfortable fit winks at the Derby’s sporting roots and solidifies the Derby shoe’s positioning as more casual than the Oxford.

The Monk Strap

A Monk Strap is similar in shape and construction to an Oxford, but instead of an eyelet closure, it has a wide swath of leather fastened across the front of the shoe. This wide strap is fastened with either a single or double-buckle closure. This classic alternative to laced dress shoes adds a certain panache to any outfit. The monk strap is now regarded as a very versatile shoe that can be worn with cuffed jeans or the most dapper of suits. Monk straps attract attention and may at times become the focal point of an ensemble. Monk strap shoes are often crafted out of leather or suede and will sometimes have decorative brogueing.

The Loafer

Loafers often have a saddle – a decoration that might be a plain strap, a strap with a slit (as with penny loafers), or a metal ornament. Tassels or a kiltie might hang from a saddle, while the minimalist loafer (the Venetian) has an exposed vamp without embellishment or ornamentation. A signature characteristic of loafers (especially those more akin to a moccasin than a regal slipper) is an elevated seam that runs along the toe. A casual variant of the loafer is the driving moccasin or driving shoe. These are often made of softer materials, are less structured, and have soles and heels made for wearer-comfort while driving. Wear clean Venetian loafers or embellished loafers with suits for formal settings. You can also opt for casual styles with rolled jeans and some watermelon socks.